If you check the older posts on this website you will see that I have been looking forward to the Renegade Diet Book for quite a long time.  I know the quality of the information that Jason Ferruggia puts out there, so I get excited when he brings something new to the table.  In case you didn’t check out his Inner Circle, and access it before this launch, Jason has finally released the Renegade Diet to the public.

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This book will turn everything you think you know about nutrition upside down.  In true Renegade fashion Jason’s book goes against all the conventional wisdom.  This book will show you how to ignore everything you have been taught by the so called experts about “proper nutrition”, and get in the best shape of your life in the process.

Renegade Diet

Maybe you bought into the “6 small meals a day” hype that supplement companies have told you, so they could sell more supplements.  In the Renegade Diet, Jason cuts through all the B.S. and provides you with information that works.  He shows you how to ignore all the hype that goes along with modern eating, and relearn the secrets of the past.  Your body is actually programmed to eat a certain way,  and it looks nothing like the way most people eat these days.

Most importantly, in my opinion, the Renegade Diet shows you how to get healthy.  It also shows you how proper food choices can help you optimize your natural hormones to add lean muscle and lose fat quickly.  Jason will show you how to turn your body into a fat burning machine, rather than a fat storing machine.

Renegade DietSpecial Launch Sale Bonus

Thankfully the Renegade Diet was released in time to help you get ready for Summer.  And if getting in the best shape of your life wasn’t motivation enough, Jason has included a fast action BONUS!!  For those of you that pick up a copy of the Renegade Diet in the next 3 days, you will also get a FREE copy of the brand new, Bad Intentions: Hostile Strength & Mass Development.


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Renegade Diet


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