Renegade Cardio Launch

Renegade Cardio is Jason Ferruggia’s awesome new progrram that is launching tonight at midnight.  Obviously I am a big fan of Jason, so whenever he releases a new product I am all over it.  This new program is no exception.  Also, the timing couldn’t be better.  This is the time of year that people really pack on the pounds, and the last thing that you want to do is slow boring cardio.  First of all it takes too long.  Spending 30, 45, even 60 minutes on a hamster wheel is no way to spend your life.  During the holidays you have even less time, so you need an efficient fat burning workout.

How Would You Like to Burn 3X the Fat in 10 Minutes or Less?

Renegade Cardio Renegade Diet10 minutes?  While you may not have a 30 minutes to an hour to devote to fat loss, but we all can find 10 minutes.  Jason’s Renegade Cardio has over 52 different fast fat burning workouts.  So not only will you be able to knock out your workout quickly, you will have plenty of variety to choose from to key from getting bored.  And let’s face it, when it comes to cardio, boring is usually one of the best ways to describe it.

There is no B.S. to any of Jason’s programs.  He always delivers the cutting edge of the fitness industry, in his own renegade style.  These workouts can be added to your normal workouts as finishiers,  or used as fat burning specific workouts.  He shows you how to combine many different aspects of training.

Renegade Cardio Includes:

  • Bodyweight Circuits
  • Kettlebell Killers
  • Bike Circuits
  • Battling Ropes
  • Jump Ropes
  • Barbell Complexes
  • Pyramids

If you want to burn fat while still building/maintaining muscle, this is the way to go.  And since this is a product launch it is on sale for 50% OFF.  Seriously for Less Than $10, you can add a ton of new cardio finishers to your workouts.  If you aren’t already following the Renegade Diet, then take that money you were going to spend on that “value” meal, and invest in your health instead.  This deal will only last till Friday, and then the price doubles.  Don’t put it off and then miss out.  Check out Renegade Cardio Today!!

Renegade Cardio Renegade Diet

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