Renegade DietI don’t know about you, but I really am looking forward to Jason Ferruggia releasing The Renegade Diet to the public.  However, if I you are anything like me, you HATE waiting.  We live in an instant gratification society.  So what can we do?

Well as it happens, The Renegade Diet is available in uncorrected proof form.  This is the first version of the diet, and people have been using it for some time now with incredible results.  So how do you get your hands on the most effective body recomposition system ever made?  Pretty simple, just join Jason Ferruggia’s Inner Circle.


==>Get Access to The Renegade Diet Now<==

The Renegade Inner Circle is where Jason shares all his secrets.  Not only will you get access to The Renegade Diet before it is available to the public you will also get access to Jason’s most effective training splits, and exact sequencing of exercise.  You will learn how to balance strength work with conditioning and recovery.  Jason explains to you when and how to change your workouts to avoid plateaus.  He also reveals new and unique exercises that you currently aren’t doing, but should be.

How much quicker will you progress in the gym with access to one of the greatest minds in strength and conditioning in your corner?  Better yet, how many years of wasted effort will you save, time that you can never get back.  If the list above was all that you got, it would be a steal at ONLY $17 a month.

However, right now if you sign up for The Renegade Inner Circle you get a new strength and conditioning program every month, direct access to Jason himself to answer your questions, as well as access to the Renegade Inner Circle private discussion forum.  Not only that, but you can join live chats with other fitness experts.  So not only are you learning from Jason, but other world renowned performance specialists as well.  It’s like having a team of great minds helping you with your training.  For $17 a month, or $4.25 a week.  Now tell me that’s not an unbelievable value.

If you are like me and don’t want to wait to get started on the Renegade Diet, then click below and join The Renegade Inner Circle.  Not only will you get access to the most effective diet on the planet, but also access to Jason Ferruggia himself.  All for less than $5 a week.



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